[tex4ht] TeX4ht upgrading: doesn't work

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Mar 19 22:26:55 CET 2013

    here are the instructions to upgrade tex4ht (http://tug.org/applications/tex4ht/mn-upgrade.html).

Which Eitan wrote years ago, and it's not been touched since.  I guess I
better eradicate that page.  Advising people to replace anything in
/usr/bin is a terrible idea.  I have no specific idea why it fails, but
I am not at all surprised it does, since it's replacing the
distro-built binaries with others.

In any event, tex4ht has not seen a full update since Eitan died.  (I
should probably delete that .zip file too.)  CVR and I are still hoping
that will happen at some point, but there is no ETA.  Meanwhile, some of
the *.4ht, etc., files have been updated by CVR and you can get the
current versions from TeX Live.  There have been no other substantive


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