[tex4ht] [bug #146] index: div theindex is starting too late

CV Radhakrishnan puszcza-hackers at gnu.org.ua
Sat Sep 3 12:26:09 CEST 2011

Follow-up Comment #3, bug #146 (project tex4ht):

Dear Akim,

It is perfectly OK to call me, CV or CVR or whatever is convenient to you.

I got your problem precisely. For some reason, the first heading gets out of
the <div class="idx">. We might now employ another configure hook:

We will nullify the first two hooks of \Configure{theindex}

  {}%\Tg<div class="idx">}        % before env
  {}%\Tg</div>}                   % after env
  {\Tg<p class="idx">}          % before item
  {\Tg</p>}                     % after item
  {\Tg<p class="subidx">}       % before subitem
  {\Tg</p>}                     % after subitem
  {\Tg<p class="ssubidx">}      % before subsubitem
  {\Tg</p>}                     % after subsubitem
  {\Tg<p class="idxsp">\Tg</p>} % at-index space

Instead, we will use:

\ConfigureEnv{theindex}{\Tg<div class="index">}

With the new setup, I got the following result which was what you wanted:

  <h3 class="likesectionHead"><a id="x1-1000" name=

  <div class="index">
    <p class="noindent"></p>
    <h4 class="likesubsectionHead"><a id="x1-2000" name=
    <p class="idx">AA, <a href="index-headings.html#x1-2">1</a></p>

    <h4 class="likesubsectionHead"><a id="x1-5000" name=
    <p class="idx"><!--l. 18--></p>
    <p class="noindent">index-headings.html, <a href=
    "index-headings.html#x1-2">7</a>, <a href=
    "index-headings.html#x1-4">8</a>, <a href=

Hope, this helps you.


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