[tex4ht] Tex4ht and Qt Help Project File

Franz-Joseph Barthold franz-joseph.barthold at kabelmail.de
Mon Aug 22 10:40:02 CEST 2011

Hi to all,

I am interested to set up the toolchain described below.
Does somebody has already experience in this direction or is willing to 
communicate about a best practice solution using tex4ht?

Doxygen (http://www.doxygen.org) is used to generate html docs of my 
sourcecode. Doxygen has the ability to generate Qt Help Files.
This feature is described in part of the doxygen documentation and more 
generally in http://doc.trolltech.com/4.7/qthelp-framework.html

Additionally, I have some further latex documents on my software which up to 
now yield pdf files using pdflatex.

The idea now is to use tex4ht to automatically generate the html files and the 
Qt Help Project File (.qhp) of my own documents. These files are then 
transformed using qthelpgenerator into Qt Compressed Help (.qch) files.

Together with the doxygen generated files, a complete Qt Help Collection can 
be set up. The benefit would be to generate an integrated set of all documents 
with all the goodies Qt Help is offering.

Actually, I am thinking about (latex or tex4ht) macros which generate the 
formatted qhp-files including the necessary information.

Thank your for your comment.

Best regards
Franz-Joseph Barthold

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