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Thu Jul 28 21:40:05 CEST 2011

On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 10:23 AM, William F Hammond
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> Johannes Wilm <mail at johanneswilm.org> writes:
> > The W3C tells me there are around 3000+ errors in it, even though it
> > can see the declaration.
> Are the 3000 errors for HTML 4.01 or for XHTML?
Yes, they are for HTML 4.01. After I replaced all instances of SVG with PNG,
it drops down to 1700.

The SVG-part generated P-elements inside of oneanother.

Some of the main issues it find are  BR-tags that are closed <BR /> which it
probably believes to be XHTML-code.

It doesn't like the "<tspan>" or the attributes associated with it such as
"font-weight", etc. .

I understand that this is a ton of work and there is really no need to keep
some ancient piece of software running. For the future i know that i have to
choose xhtml as the output format.

Generally one wants to work through such an error list one line at
> a time beginning at the top.  Fixing an early error will sometimes
> eliminate many following errors.
Yes, that is also my experience.

Thanks again for everybody's help!

Johannes Wilm
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