[tex4ht] python script to fix SVGs produced by pgfplots for TeX4ht

Johannes Wilm mail at johanneswilm.org
Mon Jul 25 20:44:35 CEST 2011

Dear developers of Tex4ht and pgfplot,

I now fixed the script I wrote last night to work with all my graphs to make
all legends legible when converting LateX to HTML through TeX4ht.

It does depend on the font-size of the legend being 10.95, as I hardcoded
lineheight to be 12.95. Also notice that the original SVGs claim to be
encoded in ISO-8859-1, whereas they really are encoded in UTF-8. This causes
problems with some viewers. Using this script it simply exchanges the
encoding that is claimed to be used.

 This is only meant as a reference to whoever wants to try to fix the
original sourcecode.

I hope this will help someone some day.

Johannes Wilm
tel: +1 (520) 399 8880
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