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On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 6:15 AM, Johannes Wilm <mail at johanneswilm.org>wrote:

> I didn't quite understand you explanation of the font issue. I didn't
> choose any font in that file, nor am I allowed to use any font changing
> packages, if I understood you right. Else I would turn ligature off, for
> example.

After googling around a bit, I am actually not quite sure how ligatures
should be handled in html. It seems that Google Chrome is able of searches
that involve them, while Firefox 6 isn't. So f.ex. I an search for
"different" and it given me the result even if "ff" was used as a ligature.
Weirdly, the default font on Google Chrome makes ligatures look much worse
than in Firefox. I guess I just need to change the font by ways of CSS of
the final webpage.

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