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Could you send me the attachment off-list or paste the contents into an

> Your main problem has nothing to do with tex4ht. While luatex can
> handle utf8 *input* natively it has problems to output
> non-ascii-chars without fontspec and "unicode fonts" on the output
> side.
> Your document is using OT1-encoded fonts (which has 128 characters)
> and so your non-ascii-chars are ending in nothingness. With
> \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} result will be better but quite a lot chars
> will be wrong (e.g. the german ك)
Oh, I thought I could use at least the first 256 characters. 128 is a bit
limited for sure.

btw -- would it then make sense to auto-replace the characters in question
before and after the transition? I am thinking of:

*cp unicode.tex /tmp*
*cd /tmp*
*rpl "ü" "ue5394" unicode.tex*
*.... *
*rpl "ue5394" "ü" unicode.html*

in which 5394 just is a random number so that I don't catch other instances
of "ue" when converting back. Hyphenation isn't applied, so it seems that
this would work, right?

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