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On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 1:55 PM, Johannes Wilm <mail at johanneswilm.org>wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 1:55 PM, Johannes Wilm <mail at johanneswilm.org>wrote:
>> If I remove the external legend argument ("legend to
>> name=govconsumptionlegend") the page compiles fine also during the 2nd run.
> Being a bit scared that no-one might have the answer, I've started to debug
> a bit myself. So far I've gotten to that if I remove line 1545 in html4.4ht
> it compiles without failures.
> ...

In the file pgfplots.code.tex I have to comment out lines 3944-45 like this
for it to compile. That obviously also makes the legends disappear:

\def\pgfplots at label#1#2{%
%                \string\protect
%                \string\csname\space #2#1\string\endcsname
        \pgfutil at ifundefined{hyper at makecurrent}{}{%
                \hyper at makecurrent{pgfplotslink}%
                \hyper at anchorstart{\@currentHref}{}\hyper at anchorend
                \pgfplotsutil at advancestringcounter@global\c at pgfplots@label

Doing that, it mostly compiles the way I expect it to do and I actually get
a working html-file. But the graphs are gone and I wonder: Is pgpfplots
actually supported by tex4ht? If not, I think I need to experiment with
"externalizing" the graphs.

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