[tex4ht] tex4ht, tabulary and colortbl

William F Hammond hammond at mapson.albany.edu.org
Fri Mar 4 00:56:39 CET 2011

David P Mitchell writes:

> . . .
> tex4ht-tabularytest.tex file:
> \documentclass{report}
> \usepackage{tabulary}
> \usepackage{tabularx}
> \usepackage{color}
> \usepackage{colortbl}
> \usepackage{caption}[2008/04/01]
> \begin{document}
> \begin{table}[h]
>   \centering
>   \caption{Test table}
>   \label{tab:test}
>   \begin{tabulary}{\textwidth}{l R}
>     Blah & Blah\\
>   \end{tabulary}
> \end{table}
> \end{document}

For this example isn't invocation of the color packages useless?

Generally, when things don't work with tex4ht, I would think about
re-doing the source before modifying or adding configs.

I modified your example to that below.  It then runs through both
htlatex and oolatex (I'm in ubuntu 10.04LTS).  The html is valid.
What I see in firefox is not quite right; I think that issue lies
mainly with the generated css.  The .odt opens reasonably well in

My tests suggest that the center environment works better than
\centering.  Also I made the tabulary width argument 0.5\textwidth, so
that I might better be able to see where it comes through in the html
or the css, but alas, I don't see it coming through.

                                    -- Bill

-- tabulary2.tex --

% \usepackage{color}
% \usepackage{colortbl}

  \caption{Test table}
  \begin{tabulary}{0.5\textwidth}{l R}
    Blah & Blah\\


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