[tex4ht] Documentation of installing tex4ht

Martin Decker martin.m.decker at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 2 03:20:01 CET 2011

Hallo at all,

Im new here and - because of first trying to solve my problems alone - a 
little bit "emotional unstable", so please excuse me if i break some 

Im trying to make tex4ht run together with biblatex for about 10 hours 
but i cant get a good result.
If i just put the .tex and .bib file in a directory and let htlatex run, 
i get a html, but if i rund bibtex before and
have a .bbl, htlatex stops always.

I have also tryed oolatex for an .odt because in the end i want to get a 
.doc file (with correct footnotes?!), but here i yust get a blank file 

I` ve read lots of posts about tex4ht, but there are some problems:

- many people use linux (i have win 7), so i cant use these solutions
- i use miktex 2.9, installed yesterday (had 2.7 before), and i have it 
under d:\programme, not under c:\miktex,
- i cant find any texfm - directory on my whole computer
- If i de-install the tex4ht + miktex - bin - tex4ht packages, i can run 
htlatex anyway
- i tryed the "TeX4HT under MiKTeX" - docu from Philip Viton but failed

So now i will give up if nowbody would tell me how to do that correctly.
I have seen that nearly all the installation - problems postet in the 
archive have been solved, but there is no tutorial where there is all 
togheter and understandable for a "normal" (who`s normal?) guy like me. 
So i really want to motivate you to create something like a 
"install-and/or-uprgade tutorial".

Why does the Miktex-package manager not install this package correctly?

Best regards

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