[tex4ht] Output directory

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Fri Feb 18 01:36:18 CET 2011

On 18/02/11 5:05 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
>     \Needs{"mkdir -p mytmp"}
>     \Needs{"mv \jobname.{4ct,4tc,aux,css,dvi,idv,html,lg,log,xref} mytmp"}
> Sure, as long as \write18 is enabled, that's another way.  If you're
> only using tex4ht on your own documents, that's ok, but it's much too
> dangerous to enable by default.

Makefile is by far the elegant solution. I depend too much on make
which is a fairy godmother for me. :)

Karl, do we need shell-escape enabled to execute commands embedded in
\Needs{...}? I am not sure about it, as I always run TeX with
shell-escape enabled by default.

However, \Needs command writes the contents to a file called
\jobname.lg, which is read by 't4ht' binary that creates the
\jobname.css and executes system commands in \jobname.lg. That is how
validation of the xml/html output is done with a parser. \write18 may
not be helpful in this matter, since during the compilation process,
we don't have the outputs available. Seems like \Needs is a safe
command for system related operations.


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