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David Denton dwsdenton at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 12:51:50 CET 2011

Hello Karl,

Friday, January 28, 2011, 6:11:37 PM, you wrote:

> Good, but are you it's being found?  Please find our current
> biblatex.4ht attached and compare it against the biblatex.4ht being
> found by miktex (exact path should be shown in the .log or on the
> terminal).

I replaced the two files and now everything seems to work quite
well. For my installation, this version of biblatex.4ht
(2010-12-18-17:25) seems to be what is required to run the 1.1a
of Biblatex.

> Eitan's last bugfix version remains the latest stable release.

Thanks. And is this last bugfix what is included in the Miktex
2.9 release? I guess it is. It is just a bit confusing because
when you go to update:


There is nothing there.

> CVR and I continue to work as hard as we can toward making a
> new release, but we cannot predict when it will happen.

Best of luck on the new release.

> I updated biblatex.4ht and nameref.4ht in TeX Live with CVR's fixes,
> just because they were the culprit of so many reports as biblatex
> matured and became so immediately popular, but we have never made a full
> release.

> (I'll attach nameref.4ht too, so you can check that too.)

I also replaced that file too. Not completely sure that it was

> As we say on the web pages, if anyone with sufficient background,
> interest, and time would like to join us, we would dearly welcome
> additional contributors.

I wish that I had the technical knowledge to help. All I can do
is report what seems to work or not. In fact, I will be back to
the list soon to report some difficulties I am having with

> Sorry for the pain.

Not at all. Getting this going is rather a breakthrough for me as
I now have a way to share papers produced using Biblatex.
Previously, I was stuck. Thanks for your prompt help, and that of
CV Radhakrishnan and Kristian Debrabant.

Best regards,

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