[tex4ht] biblatex, oolatex

Christian Fearnot fearnot at arcor.de
Tue Jan 4 02:40:05 CET 2011

Dear All,

htlatex foo.tex
with biblatex 1.0 now works fine with
But with
mk4ht oolatex foo.tex
an odt file is produced that cannot be opened with OpenOffice. It is an
archive with many files, also foo.pdf, foo.dvi, foo.aux, foo.bbl etc.
Some error messages:
xtpipes error 29
System call: mkdir sxw-foo.dir/Pictures
mkdir: cannot produce folder "sxw-foo.dir/Pictures": folder not found. ...

I am using texlive-2010-33 under OpenSUSE and tex4ht-2010-33...rpm
Am I doing anything wrong?


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