[tex4ht] minitoc

Christian Fearnot fearnot at arcor.de
Mon Jan 3 14:19:03 CET 2011

I found two problems when using
htlatex foo.tex "xhtml,0,fn-in,css-in,minitoc<"

1. There is no minitoc (table of contents) at all in the resulting file.
Any explanation? Does this work only if I have a minitoc also in the tex
file? The log file produced by the option "info" says: "For mini tocs
immediately aftter the header use the command line option `minitoc<' ".
In the documentation I found nothing about this and many other option.

2. I get tons of span breaks, one at each Umlaut:

class="ecrm-1000">Ein entscheidendes Kriterium daf</span><span
class="ecrm-1000">ür, daß eine Erkl</span><span
class="ecrm-1000">wahrscheinlich wahr ist, ist, daß sie die einfachste
ist (unter</span>
class="ecrm-1000">den  Erkl</span><span
class="ecrm-1000">ärungen,  welche  die  Daten  erwarten  lassen).</span>

With NoFonts that disappears though, so it is no pressing problem for me.

I am using TeXlive 2010 under OpenSUSE 11.2. ISO-8859-1. BTW, Biblatex
1.0 works fine now with Tex4ht!
Yours, Daniel

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