[tex4ht] align*, intertext and conversion to jsmath

CV Radhakrishnan cvr at river-valley.org
Thu Dec 9 08:11:32 CET 2010

On 08/12/10 2:58 AM, Rob Beezer wrote:
> Dear CVR and Karl,
> Thanks so much for your continued work on tex4ht.
> I am having trouble with the \intertext{} command within an amsmath
> align* environment in a conversion to jsmath.  Actually, I have 76 of
> these giving me trouble (across an entire textbook).

Many thanks for this bug report. There are a few problems in jsmath
configuration package of TeX4ht. If you encounter more, please do not
hesitate to post.

I have fixed your problem as provided in the test file below:

<--------- Begin test file ------------>




    {\IgnorePar \ifinalign@\HCode{\string\cr }%
     \else \ifingather@\HCode{\string\cr }%
    {\BB:text \ifvmode \IgnorePar \fi \EndP\ifinalign@
        \HCode{\string\cr }\else \ifingather@
        \HCode{\string\cr }\fi\fi}

Some \verb!align*! mathematics with an \verb!intertext! line:

<--------- End test file ------------>

> Output seems to have the ordering of some mtr and mtd tags reversed. 

Actually those <mtr> and <mtd> tags shouldn't be there at all. Those
are inserted by the default configuration of \intertext command. I
have modified the same in the test file given above.  If it works fine
in your case, we will fix the problem in TeX4ht packages and commit to


> As an aside, I consistently get the following with SVN 66, with an
> error for each line of the header comments:
> tex4ht.c (Version 1.1 kpathsea)
> tex4ht -f/intertext-example
>   -i~/tex4ht.dir/texmf/tex4ht/ht-fonts/
> (/home/rob/tex4ht.env)
> (/home/rob/tex4ht.dir/texmf/tex4ht/ht-fonts/iso8859/1/charset/unicode.4hf)
> --- warning --- Improper entry (line 1)
> %%  %%  %%  %%
> --- warning --- Improper entry (line 2)
> % unicode.4hf                           2009-07-25-19:06 %

You can safely ignore it, it comes from the newly inserted licence
text at the top of the file. We will fix it before next release.

Best regards

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function adequately.

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