[tex4ht] align*, intertext and conversion to jsmath

Rob Beezer beezer at ups.edu
Tue Dec 7 22:28:11 CET 2010

Dear CVR and Karl,

Thanks so much for your continued work on tex4ht.

I am having trouble with the \intertext{} command within an amsmath align* 
environment in a conversion to jsmath.  Actually, I have 76 of these giving me 
trouble (across an entire textbook).

Output seems to have the ordering of some mtr and mtd tags reversed.  At least 
it won't parse correctly when using Python's XML parser.  Removing the two 
outermost tags on the problem line (the intertext text) seems to satisfy the parser.

I've upgraded to SVN 66 and recompiled the tex4ht binaries for my 64-bit Ubuntu 
10.04.  So I think I'm fairly up-to-date.  (Same problem exists with about a 
two-year old tex4ht.)  Setup seems to be working OK otherwise.

Sample source file:  intertext-example.tex
Works fine with a simple  pdflatex  call

Command:  htlatex intertext-example
Produces  intertext-example-htlatex.htl  output, which looks OK to my eye

Command:  htlatex intertext-example "xhtml,jsmath"
Produces  interact-example-xhtml-jsmath.html  output which demonstrates the problem.

As an aside, I consistently get the following with SVN 66, with an error for 
each line of the header comments:

tex4ht.c (Version 1.1 kpathsea)
tex4ht -f/intertext-example
--- warning --- Improper entry (line 1)
%%  %%  %%  %%
--- warning --- Improper entry (line 2)
% unicode.4hf                           2009-07-25-19:06 %


Thanks for any help you can provide.

Rob Beezer
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