[tex4ht] Malformed XML for {array} envs with a single column

Deyan Ginev d.ginev at jacobs-university.de
Sat Nov 13 21:11:00 CET 2010

Dear tex4ht developers,

I was using a single column {array} environment and stumbled onto a bug. 
The minimal code to reproduce is:


The error is that a <col> element is opened, but never closed, which 
leads to the XML being malformed. Just run xmllint on the output HTML 
file to see the details.

Any update that patches this (or advice how to circumvent) would be 
welcome, since the resulting documents will not get rendered otherwise. 
And I am afraid I need to stick to using a single column array, as this 
is part of a larger external LaTeX package and not my own brainchild.



Deyan Ginev, Jacobs University Bremen,

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