[tex4ht] \bigl. and \bigr. sometimes cause problems.

Beuthe, Thomas beuthet at aecl.ca
Mon Sep 13 22:51:38 CEST 2010


>If you can't request your viewers, you might think about delivering
>the same from the server side.  There are many choices like jsmath
>(http://www.math.union.edu/locate/jsMath), MathJax
>(http://www.mathjax.org). In fact, TeX4ht has a jsmath option and a
>'jmlatex' script is provided to generate html pages with math in
>jsmath compatible format. jsmath and MathJax allow to keep math in
>LaTeX format in the html page and to dynamically process and render
>with Javascript. 

Both of these are excellent ideas, and I would really like to implement
them, but when I think about the hoops I would have to jump through
to get our IT guys to implement this stuff on our servers, I have
to abandon the idea right there and then.

Great products though.  Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

>I have created an html page from your example sources and is available
>as an archive at:
>  http://download.river-valley.com/cvr/mathjax.zip
>which has thomas.html, thomas.css and mathjax.png. The last one is a
>screenshot of the page as rendered in my laptop.
>MathJax is easy to setup, you need to add a few extra lines in the
>header of your html page to load MathJax.js.  It can also process
>MathML and render irrespective of any browser. No special fonts,
>plugin, etc are needed at client side. I think, it best fits your
>scheme of things.

Thanks for your time here.  These look really well rendered.
Unfortunately I'm again stuck between a rock and a hard place again,
having virtually no control over either my server or my client side.

>It might be better to approach the image problem in a different way.
>What we do at work for some STM publishers is to write out all the
>math (inline and display) to a separate TeX file, create dvi (separate
>page for each inline or display math), use dvipng to generate png or
>gif in a breeze. This saves a lot of hassles associated with the
>current picmath setup. Maybe one day, we will find time to include
>this feature as an option into TeX4ht once the documentation project
>is reasonably finished.

Now this is a neat idea.  This sounds very close to what is done in
the picmath environment.  Or am I misreading something?  Are the png
files created statically or dynamically?  Wait a minute, I think I see
what the difference is.  You are completely segregating the math
to a separate dvi file rather than picking through the document
one thing at a time.  I'll definitely be interested in this when you
have it fit for public consumption!

>Wikipedia uses a custom program to generate images. I doubt, if it can
>process really complex math.

I see.  A more stunted sort of LaTeX/Tex then.  But they are definitely
using the cm fonts there!

>People should make use of MathML, enormous number of manhours have
>been expended on the development of MathML which has many advantages
>like archiving, voice rendering, assistance in cop-paste operation,
>reuse data in other applications like Mathmatica, hyperlinking math
>elements, etc.

I'm sure this will be the way to go eventually, but for really
complicated stuff, it still falls short in myopinion.  Like I said,
I tried running my document through mzlatex, but the results really
weren't all that readable.  Perhaps I was doing something wrong...

Thanks again for all of your time.
This is interesting stuff!  It's neat to get a glimpse of where the
leading edge of the browser world lives!



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