[tex4ht] dcolumn package interference.

Beuthe, Thomas beuthet at aecl.ca
Wed Sep 1 20:59:28 CEST 2010



Thanks for your suggestion on how to handle the interaction between dcolumn and the $ reconfiguration.
This sort of thing opens up lots of possibilities!

Although it would be ideal to write a document in such a way that it satisfies the requirements
of both standard LaTeX and TeX4ht in a transparent manner, I have no problem introducing custom
tweaks of this nature to get the job done.  Besides, the heavy formatting of this complex document
already demands different wrappers for the LaTeX and the TeX4ht versions.

(Side comment:
Please keep in mind that I am not in a hurry for any permanent solutions to these problems.
Just put them in the "to do" pile.  In the meantime, tweaks are very much appreciated!

Thanks for confirming that the dcolumn will not work as expected in html.  With the tools available,
I should now be able to put those tables requiring true dcolumn into pictures, and keep the others as html.
That way I won't lose any dynamic cross references contained in some of these other tables.

On another subject, I would be happy for any suggestions you can give with regards to the
ams "align" or "alignat" environments.  I would be interested in any sort of a patch that would
put the mathematical part of these environments into picture mode, but keep the equation numbers
in html mode.

I realize this may be difficult because they can contain more than one equation number per environment.
Is there any way to do this with some kind of a custom tweak I can use to so this? 
Or perhaps there's a package I should be looking at custom modifying to do this?
Perhaps custom modifying the ams package somehow would do the trick,
or can this be done more cleanly at a higher level?
I realize this is messy, but I'm already doing this in other places for other things...

Final question: longtable.  Are there any issues with longtable and TeX4ht?  I'm getting slightly strange
behavior with one very long longtable (30 LaTeX pages) containing in-line $ $ type math.  At certain points,
the in-line math generated very long skinny boxes in the .png files which makes the table look like it
has lots of white space!  For the TeX4ht version should I perhaps be using something else then a longtable
environment? Perhaps a simple huge tabular would do?  Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated!



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