[tex4ht] Options question.

Beuthe, Thomas beuthet at aecl.ca
Tue Aug 31 16:53:36 CEST 2010


When using helatex, some of the math only partially convert into images.
This subject has  been discussed before, for example in

After some searching I have found the following commands:

\Configure{$}{\PicMath}{\EndPicMath}{}                      %1)
\Configure{PicMath}{}{}{}{ class="math" align="absmiddle"}  %2)
\Configure{$$}{\PicDisplay}{\EndPicDisplay}{}               %3)
\Configure{[]}{\PicDisplay$$}{$$\EndPicDisplay}             %4)
\Configure{()}{\PicMath$}{$\EndPicMath}                     %5)
\ConfigureEnv{align}{\PicDisplay}{\EndPicDisplay}{}{}       %6)
\ConfigureEnv{alignat}{\PicDisplay}{\EndPicDisplay}{}{}     %7)

I'm not too sure exactly what the consequences are of using these,
and I'm not sure that all of them mean.  Here's my guess based on my tests
and my guesses:

1) Makes in-line math ($A$) into images
2) No idea what this does.
3) Makes plain TeX $$ math into images?? (not sure)
4) Works together with 3) somehow??
5) Makes \( \) into images.
6) Makes the amsmath align environment into images.
7) Same as 6) for alignat


A) Are any of my above musings reasoanable?
B) I find myself needing a number of these commands to properly render my material.
   Is there anywhere you can point me to where they are discussed in detail?
C) NOT using 6) or 7) above only partially sets the environments into images,
   and mis-aligns my equation numbers, but the equation numbers are separate from the images
   and move round dynamically with a change in browser size.
   USING 6) or 7) above nicely sets the entire environment, including the equation numbers into images.
   The math is nicely rendered now, but the position of the equation numbers is fixed (not desirable).
   Is there any way of using these options, but keeping the equation numbers the way they were before?




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