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Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Tue Aug 3 13:51:28 CEST 2010

On 31-Jul-2010, at 5:37 AM, Karl Berry wrote:

>      Starting with version 1.40, pdfTeX incorporates the e-TeX extensions, so
>    in this installation eTeX is just a symbolic link to pdfTeX.
> Yes, I know.  That's why I suggested it.  Never mind.
>    command \pdfadjustspacing=2. There are several \pdf<something> commands in
> Ah.  Ok, that was what I was wondering.
>    is subsequently going to be converted to EPUB; I don't really want
>    the HTML at all, 
> Oh.  I don't know anything about EPUB generation options, but maybe CVR
> or others here do.  It's certainly been talked about at conferences and
> such, but I don't have a working software package to point you at off
> the top (or even bottom) of my head.

I'm ashamed to tell this owing to my erratic release history. But, I am writing a TeX4ht package to make e-pub seamlessly from a LaTeX document along with a LaTeX document class to make PDF's from the same sources to suit different ebook devices like Sony, iPad, Kindle, iPhone and of course on a computer screen. Since the epub package is an extension over existing TeX4ht stuff, it should work with most variants of TeX. Whatever the case, an epub extension is needed for TeX4ht and people should not be looking for alternate technologies since TeX can do it seamlessly. Also, we have to write extra packages for html5, which has a few more additional features.


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