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Am 31.07.2010 01:50, schrieb D. R. Evans:
> Karl Berry said the following at 07/30/2010 04:44 PM : The only real
problem with
> that would be that at some point I'd be bound to make a mistake and forget
> to synchronize them.

You can use either package ifthen and define a bool to switch content
on/off, or use package comment and define your own begin/end blocks. I
usually do that for the images to not convert them by tex4ht, as this
takes time and renders them to bitmaps, which I usually dont need...

ifthen goes like this:
% preamble
\newboolean{withpdfspecials} % declaration
\setboolean{withpdfspecials}{false} % set false
% \setboolean{withpdfspecials}{true} % set true

% in document

        { %then clause
               % The stuff you want to include
               % \pdf....
        }{ %else clause
              % leave this empty/alternate content

comment like this:

% preamble
%	\excludecomment{todo}

% in document

TODO: change the following part

the comment environment might not work within other environments (e.g.

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