[tex4ht] Output directory

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Fri Jan 15 12:19:35 CET 2010

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 2:19 PM, Daniel Becker <d.becker at jpberlin.de> wrote:
> Thanks, Radhakrishnan,


> Am 15.01.2010 um 01:15 schrieb Radhakrishnan CV:
>> The following command worked fine in my system (you need to have
>> tex4ht directory created prior to compilation):
>>  mk4ht oolatex myfile.tex "" "" " -d./tex4ht/"
>> The arguments to mk4ht need to be quoted. Secondly,  '/' character
>> shall be appended to your destination directory name, if not, all
>> files will be copied to a file namely, "tex4ht."


>> What precisely was your problem?
> I wanted to use that output directory because I am trying to convert a
> paper that contains a lot of math to openoffice. Especially the
> appendix seems to cause problems. Somehow I don *not* end up with an
> odt file but with a lot (several hundred) of .tmp .4om and so on
> files. And a directory sxw-mypaper_0.9.dir. What I wanted is that all
> the files produced by tex4ht (mk4ht oolatex) end up in the own
> directory such that I do not delete the important mypaper.tex by
> accident.

Actually, you need not worry about it. TeX4ht will create a directory
(sxw-\jobname.dir), move all needed files into it, create the archive,
rename to \jobname.odt and move the same to your working directory.  So,
even if you have not taken the precaution of directing the output to a
specific directory, TeX4ht will do exactly the same by itself.

> When I use (thanks) mk4ht oolatex mypaper_0.9.tex "" "" " -d./tex4ht/"
> some of them end up in the tex4ht directory, some not. Hm.

So there is an error somewhere in the line.

> By the way, if the paper is converted without the appendix, the result
> is just great and much better than that of latex2rtf. I try to isolate
> the problem that remains and then ask here again how to solve it.

Can you please send us a small file with the problem?  That will help
largely to debug and fix it if possible.

Best regards

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