[tex4ht] TeX4ht information

Guido Milanese guido.milanese at unicatt.it
Thu Jan 7 19:32:26 CET 2010

Dear Dr Berry and Dr Radhakrishnan,

I am writing a book on LaTeX and friends (particularly LyX and 
XeLaTeX) in the field of the humanities. I read that, after the 
sudden death of Dr Gurari, the package is now generously maintained 
by you, and that's why I'm taking the liberty of asking your advice, 
in order to publish correct information on TeX4ht.

(1) Are you planning to support Xe(La)TeX in the [near] future? I 
asked Dr Gurari about this point and he answered: "Personally, I 
hope one day to be able to deal natively with the non-latex fonts 
available for xelatex" (19th of January, 2009).
(2) I understand that the biblatex support is all right, correct? 
Personally I never found any problem.
(3) Any plans to produce MS-Word documents? As a Linux user, I 
happily live without Word, but sometimes publishers want Word 
documents, so I transform my LaTeX text as OpenOffice and from OO to 
Word. Perhaps it's jut matter to add a filter in the script or is 
the transformation more complicated?

Many thanks for your kind attention and for your precious work.
Guido Milanese - Professor of Latin
The Catholic University, Milan and Brescia, Italy

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