TeX Live and Gentoo

Latest Version: 2005

The Gentoo eBuild has been marked hard masked.


Here you can find information on the Gentoo packaging of the TeX live system.

Please send comments and suggestions to the maintainer email list , (or if you think that is related to an genuine TeX live problem, to the tex-live mailing list), but nowhere else. Especially NOT to the some other Gentoo related list.

Please use the Gentoo Bug Tracking System for reporting bugs of the packages.

For the changes since the last version please see the official change log of the eBuild.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact the project's email directly.


Add the line

to the files /etc/portage/packages.unmask and /etc/portage/packages.keywords

And then try running:

	emerge app-text/texlive -a

Dependency problems?

You may have noticed that many packages depend on tetex, but TeX Live offers a virtual, meaning it tells the system that it provides teTeX functionality and so it satifies all dependencies on tetex.


I would like to thank Martin Ehmsen for providing the eBuild and submitting it to the official tree.

That's it, enjoy it! TUG home page; search; contact webmaster.