Problems with automatic conversion from `.eps` to `.pdf` (pdf/lua)latex (windows)

Pablo González L pablgonz at
Wed Mar 29 15:44:13 CEST 2023

With the latest update it has been fixed :D
Related question, just out of curiosity look
in the directory `/texmf-dist/scripts` I found
`/win32` in two scripts:


and here are the related queries:

1. The `tlaunch` script is marked as obsolete in CTAN and does not work
today...does it need to be installed by default?

2. In windows you have two directories (with different things)
containing `tlshell`:

texlive/2023/tlpkg/tltcl/ (tcl files +.exe)

The first one contains both `x86` and `x64` versions, as TL2023 only
has `x64` support, in the future, will it be possible to remove the
`x86` version (as they did with GS)?

El mar, 28 mar 2023 a las 19:40, Karl Berry (<karl at>) escribió:
> Hi Pablo,
>     !!! Error: Input filename 'ctanlion.eps' not allowed in restricted mode.
> That's not a good error message. I'll have to work on that, but I think
> the underlying problem is that I forgot to update epstopdf for the new
> bin/windows/ directory name in TL23. It's already been fixed in TL
> (thanks Akira, Norbert, Hironobu).
> I'll make a new epstopdf release soon. --thanks, karl.

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