Sources for documentation

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at
Tue Mar 28 15:31:11 CEST 2023


We are looking at an l3bvuild issue and wonder about the 'typical' 
understanding of the split between texmf/source and texmf/doc. At 
present, we arrange that sources for 'live' content, e.g. .dtx files 
generating .sty files, go into texmf/source. That means that if the .dtx 
is also used to generate a PDF, the PDF (which goes into texmf/doc) and 
the .dtx are then in different directories.

On the other hand, a .tex file which is used *only* to generate PDF 
documentation goes into texmf/doc. In this case, the PDF and .tex file 
are in the same location in the TDS.

Does this scheme match up with most people's expectation?



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