Glitch in Windows 11 GUI installer for TeX Live 2023

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at
Sat Mar 25 18:12:56 CET 2023

Earlier today, I downloaded the latest texcol2023.iso* files from

to our mirror site at

and updated the README.html file there.

I then moved to a Windows 11 laptop, downloaded those files to my
Downloads directory, clicked on the installer in a file manager
window, and selected the Advanced button.

That brings up a screen that has a menu item "GUI language".  For fun,
I changed to other languages than the default English, and found that
the change worked.  However, when I reverted to English without
leaving the GUI installer, I found that the second line on the
right-hand Options panel remained in the previously selected language;
it is the line immediately under the "Default paper size" line.

This is most evident if you select Chinese or Japanese, but the
problem remains for every other language that I tried.

The only way to repair it is to exit the GUI installer, then start it

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