MacTeX.pkg Problems

Marek Stepanek muc_marek at
Sat Mar 25 17:09:32 CET 2023

Hello all!

I just downloaded MacTeX.pkg

md5 check ok (shasum too - of course).

After install I removed 2022 with

`mv /usr/local/texlive/2022 ~/.Trash`

Installing I thought: hopefully the installer will not mangle my homebrew with ghostscript. Exactly this happened! 


`brew doctor`

throws up so many errors like


that I am unable to see the beginning of it in my Term2 (zsh). Also piping it to less does not help (<= sometimes I have this problem in Vim too - any help for this problem?)

So now making a first test with TeX - no commands anymore found. tlmgr xelatex etc 

From my last install I remember, that I have had to correct the path from 2021 => 2022 But in System Preferences no TeX anymore. So I fired up TeXlive-Utility. But the existing path in there is not readable.

So back into my shell: 


Here I discover a hidden (!) folder .DefaultTeX/

But TeXUtility says:

in `/Library/TeX/` I see a symbolic link texbin (comp screenshot above). But not in my Shell:

/Library/TeX]$ ls -a
./		../		Distributions/	Documentation@	Local@		Root@		texbin@
$ ll texbin
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel    29B 25 Mar 16:09 texbin@ -> Distributions/Programs/texbin

Probably this is the right path? `/Library/TeX/Distributions/Programs/texbin` ? Same error as above. 

Please help


ps: I will remove old folders `TeXLive-2021.texdist/` `TeXLive-2022.texdist/`out of `/Library/TeX/Distributions/` ? 

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