tlshell --help (pretest, Windows10)

Jerzy Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at
Sat Mar 19 21:21:23 CET 2022

> Clicking on any folder under C:\texlive gives me 'Read-only (Only
> applies to files in folder)'. But going to the Security tab, I see
> permissions set to the expected values for files and folders. So
> this looks like a red herring.

A later, today's, retry at update --all did it's job by updating
some packages and tlshell.

So yes,

> I would not just yet exclude a corrupt download.

you were right spotting a red herring with the culprit being a corrupt 

And, of course, your patch is in place. Many thanks!

-- Jerzy Ludwichowski

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