TeX Hour tomorrow: Command Line and Text User interfaces, Python syntax errors

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Wed Mar 9 17:21:34 CET 2022


Accessibility is the focus of tomorrow's TeX Hour. All topics are welcome.
I'm providing:

1. Continuation of last month's discussion of Accessible Command Line
Interfaces (CLI)
2. Discussion of Text User Interfaces (TUI), and in particular
3. Visually impaired programmers and Python syntax errors, eg
4. Accessible 'screen-shots' of CLI interaction and source files in HTML
and PDF.

Date and time: Thursday 10 March, 6:30 to 7:30pm UK (and UTC) time.
UK time now: https://time.is/UK.
Zoom URL:

The recommendations on CLI discussed at last month's meeting are

1. Ensure that a HTML version of all documentation is available.
2. Provide a way to translate long outputs into another accessible format.
3. Document the output structure for each command.
4. Provide a way to translate tables in CLI output into another
accessible format.
5. Ensure that all commands provide status and progress indication.
6. Ensure that all status and progress indicators used are screen
reader friendly.
7. Ensure that error messages are understandable when read aloud.

Many of these recommendations also apply to TUI.

The video from last month is available at

Many of us are concerned about the conflict in Ukraine. Terry Tao (Fields
Medallist) has made two helpful posts. The first is for scientists,
particularly mathematicians, displaced by the conflict.

The second is about the displaced ICM. Four year ago Saint Petersburg,
Russia was chosen to be the venue for the 2022 International Congress of
Mathematicians and associated IMU event (2 to 14 July). It will now take
place as a fully virtual event, hosted outside Russia.

with best regards

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