Version of debian-equivs-2020-ex.txt

Oliver Kopp at
Sun Mar 21 12:38:25 CET 2021

Dear TUG,

I am trying to use for
marking packages as installed. This is used, for instance, at the
current Docker image for texlive, too (see

When installing any latex packages, the required texlive packages are
installed (e.g., apt-get install latexml installes texlive-base). I
think, it is because of the version number contained in

dpkg --compare-versions 2020-1 gt 2020.20210113-1 && echo true || echo false

Nevertheless, when using a high number (and a dot), then it is "OK"

dpkg --compare-versions 2020.99999999 gt 2020.20210113-1 && echo true
|| echo false

Would it be possible to change the "Version" in
"debian-equivs-2020-ex.txt" to something very high? (Maybe even 2100
to ensure that even if a new texlive package in debian is released,
the local texlive installation is still used)



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