Errors after updating to latest revision on Windows 7

Norbert Preining norbert at
Tue Mar 16 11:33:01 CET 2021

To add to what Siep said,

On Tue, 16 Mar 2021, Siep Kroonenberg wrote:
> > But I only have a 2020 tree. I also have a local .texlive2020 folder on
> > %userprofile%. I think if I remove the .texlive2020 folder, it would
> > %work, but I have some extra fonts installed on this folder
> You could preserve the fonts subfolder, or, better, move that
> subfolder to %userprofile%/texmf. You might have to create
> %userprofile%/texmf first.

Within the %userprofile%/.texlive2020 there are two sub-folders:

The texmf-var folder should NEVER contain files you care for!!
The texmf-config folder can be used to put private files, but as Siep
said, TEXMFHOME = %userprofile%/texmf is preferable, in particular since
TL2021 will pick up TEXMFHOME automatically, but not

It would help if you send the list of files below %userprofile%/.texlive2020
or the **complete** log file when the error occurred, because one could
see which file was wrongly loaded.

Last but not least: my guess is that you have an old format dump under
%userprofile%/.texlive2020 and that gets used.



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