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Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Wed Mar 3 12:35:41 CET 2021

Siep Kroonenberg wrote:

> If you have a local repository then you should use the already
> unpacked .bat installer and leave the zipfile alone.

Thank you  Siep.  But your advice conflicts with the advice from, which reads (in part)

> However, if you are on Windows, to run install-tl-windows directly you 
> must ensure that all the *.bat, *.dll, and *.manifest files are 
> executable. Either the mirroring software or the original mirror often 
> clears executable permissions. Using may be simpler. 

which is why I unpacked the ZIP file and used its contents.  I will now 
try your advice, but should I type simply :

> install-tl-windows


> install-tl-windows -select-repository

in order to be able to verify that I am about to install from my local 
(rsynch'd) mirror ?  I ask because, too many times in the past, I have 
thought that I was installing from my local mirror but realised after 
several hours that I was, in fact, installing from the network ...

** Phil.
/Philip Taylor/

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