Karl Berry karl at
Fri Oct 9 23:01:45 CEST 2020

    jw> - tabu: varwidth
    - environ: trimspaces

Added those two.

    - tikz-feynman: pgf, pgfopts, iftex

Made pgfopts depend on pgf.
Made tikz-feynman depend on pgfopts and iftex.

    - pgf: epstopdf-pkg
    hm> pgf surely does *not* depend on epstopdf-pkg.  

Indeed. I surmise it happens when running pdflatex on an eps file.
I did not add epstopdf-pkg anywhere.

    absence) of dependency tracking in TeX Live.

"TeX Live" cannot solve the problem of "Package X depends on package Y
in my case, but not always".

Or rather, the only solution (that I can imagine) is to do runtime
installations a la MiKTeX, as has been said many times before. But that
is a hard job. And I imagine people building up their images from zero,
which is where the recent onslaught of dependency requests is coming
from, wouldn't want to use such a feature anyway.

Continuing to add all these static dependencies is an error-prone
pain. I have no way to notice when a dependency goes stale.

I see no solution. Sigh. -k

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