TeXworks very slow to open or close files

Rick Voland rvoland at tds.net
Thu Jul 30 14:14:01 CEST 2020

TeXworks is now very slow to open or close files.  I have TeXworks from TeXlive 2020 for Windows 10 Pro installed on the c: drive in the usual place, and have all the TeXlive updates including today.  I made no changes to file paths in TeXworks.  

TeXworks now takes maybe 15+ minutes to open or close even the simplest *.tex document (with its *.pdf).  Once the files are open, the normal typesetting with pdflatex is very fast (seconds), just like before.  I use a minimal new test.tex file from the article template in TeXworks.  I am using M$-Windows 10 Pro with 16GB RAM, a solid-state drive, and a fast CPU.   While TeXworks is opening or closing a file, the windows taskmanager indicates 2 instances of texworks with one at 25% of my CPU (and it still takes >>10 minutes to open or close!!).  

The problem developed 1-2 weeks ago after a TeXlive update.  I am suspicious about a new directory created on 07-18-20


Normally, TeXlive for windows puts all user configurations at:


so TeXworks details should be at:




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