kpsewhich + script in Mac

Paulo Roberto Massa Cereda cereda.paulo at
Wed Nov 27 15:25:56 CET 2019


Apologies if this is too Mac-focused.

We recently received a report of arara not working inside TeXworks in a 
Mac machine. The 'arara' command (which is a symlink to '') is 
unable to locate kpsewhich and thus the arara jar is nowhere to be 
found. It was reproducible in my Mac machine as well.


The 'culprit' line in our script is as follows:

jarpath=`kpsewhich --progname="$scriptname" --format=texmfscripts "$jar"`

kpsewhich was used to locate the proper jar file and thus set up the 
full path to be provided to the virtual machine later on:

exec java -jar "$jarpath" "$@"

I am a bit puzzled on why kpsewhich is not found. I understand this is a 
path issue situation, but my Mac knowledge is almost non-existent. I 
thought TeX paths were globally visible...

I really appreciate any comments and findings towards my unfortunate 
scenario. Thank you!



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