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I don't know if you are looking for first-time TeX/LaTeX user experiences,
but mine was fairly typical, I think.

On a group research project, the lead investigator was writing a report and
he was using LaTeX.  I had never used it before but I was assured that I
could still contribute.  The instructions given to me verbally, via email,
and repeated within the .tex file, "Type all your text between the "%"
delimited comments with your name and return the document to me with all
your graphics attached to the email".  The .tex file was a mystery to me,
but my instructions were easy.  I was astounded at the final report.  It
was beautiful!

Since then, I use Tex Live because it always has everything I need to
create great looking documents.  For group writing, git and Zotero/JabRef
nicely complement LaTeX.  I do use TeXstudio for editing, mostly because I
don't write enough to stay "fluent" in Emacs, nor LaTeX.  TeXstudio's
highlighting and prompting/completion is very helpful for occasional
writers.  I have repeated the group writing experience with new LaTeX'ers
by having them type all their text between delimiters, and it seems to be a
good introduction.  They are universally amazed at the final result of
their first non-WYSIWYG editing experience.

Best regards,
Richard Graham

On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 7:17 PM David Matthews <
david.jack.matthews at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Tex Live,
> I'm a Berlin-based journalist currently writing a *Nature* article about
> LaTeX. We're looking at the pros and cons of using it and how to get
> started.
> A quick question. When users download Tex Live for a Linux OS, what editor
> and compiler does it come with? Can users use this to write and compile a
> .tex file out of the box?
> MekTex comes with TeXworks, MacTex with TeXShop, but I couldn't find firm
> evidence what editor the Linux version of TexLive comes with.
> If you could get back to me by Friday that would be most appreciated.
> Yours,
> David Matthews
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> *David Matthews*
> *Reporter, Times Higher Education & freelance writer*
> *@DavidMJourno <https://twitter.com/DavidMJourno>*
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