TeXLive 2019 help when FIPS enabled

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri May 10 06:06:11 CEST 2019


On Thu, 09 May 2019, Novack, Bryan wrote:
> system that is STIG'd meaning FIPS is enabled

Whatever that might mean and what consequences it has, I don't know.

> Here is the exact error I'm receiving:
> md5_dgst.c(82): OpenSSL internal error, assertion failed: Digest MD5 forbidden in FIPS mode!

Umpf ... yes we use md5 in some completely uncritical way (get a hash
value for saving copies of the downloaded tlpdb).

Anyway, you can fix this by editing 
and change the following line from
	sub tl_short_digest { return (Digest::MD5::md5_hex(shift)); }
	sub tl_short_digest { return (Digest::SHA::sha1_hex(shift)); }

You can also remove the 
	use Digest::MD5;
near the top.

That *should* work, but I don't know what else might be problematic.



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