Some source-free doc of pkgs are still in TeX Live

Johannes Chou lzxzyk10 at
Thu May 9 04:49:00 CEST 2019

The third item of the Basic Requirements section of this TUG webpage ( says

3. The source for any generated documentation files (e.g., pdf) *must also
> be available* for the generated documentation to be included in TeX Live.
> We won't refuse to install the package itself, but we *must refrain from
> installing generated documentation* when there is no source.

But I have found some exceptional cases:
 - Doc of package clrscode (
 - Doc of package IEEEtran (

Both docs are generated documentation files with no source. And both the
docs can be installed using tlmgr. This behavior is in-consistent with what
is said from the above TUG webpage.

Are there any allowable exceptional cases that source-free docs would be
included in TeX Live?

A LaTeX user from China
Yukai Chou
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