Adding hyphenex to collection-langenglish

Karl Berry karl at
Wed Jun 26 22:40:17 CEST 2019

Hi Andrew,

    Could the hyphenex package be included in collection-langenglish? 

I moved it to collection-basic. c-langenglish is only included in the
medium, tetex, and full schemes, while c-basic is fundamental to
everything, which I gather is more what you want. Since it is tiny, it
seems ok to add it there, though I think the vast (vast) majority of TeX
users never use, or know about, hyphenex.tex.

    It is not in any collection at the moment.

It was in c-binextra (for no good reason that I can discern). Every
package is in exactly one collection; that's one of our consistency
checks. You can run "tlmgr info hyphenex" to see the collection and
other info, or if (like me) you prefer to just look at files, the
texlive.tlpdb file is plain text and thus easy to search in. --best, karl.

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