TeX Live 2019 and Hoefler Text features

Mark Porter me at markporter.co.uk
Sun Jun 23 11:46:43 CEST 2019

I posted about an issue I’ve been experiencing since updating to TeX Live 2019 on stackexchange and it was suggested that I should raise the issue here. 

Since updating I am finding that Hoefler Text features which previously worked find in TeX Live 2018 no longer work. Problems with contextual alternates may well be due to my poor coding, however the major problem I am encountering is with small caps. 

I now receive the warning "LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape TU/HoeflerText(1)/m/sc' undefined (Font) using
TU/HoeflerText(1)/m/n' instead on input line 6.”

I am unsure why this is broken since the upgrade. If I switch to Gentium as the document font then the problem seems to go away. 

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