Getting object number in dvipdfmx from bann

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at
Wed Apr 10 13:36:53 CEST 2019

On 10/04/2019 11:23, Alexander Grahn wrote:
> Indeed, there is no way of getting access to the PDF object number of a
> bann/eann generated annotation.

OK, was my reading too.

> On the other hand it should be noted that although pdfTeX provides
> \pdflastlink, the object number thus obtained is only of limited use, because
> in general, calling \pdfstartlink and \pdfendlink may produce multiple
> annotations (with individual PDF object numbers) if the link text is broken
> across lines. To be useful, \pdflastlink should actually return an array of
> object numbers.

That had already come up. However, the object numbers for broken lines, 
etc., are only available at shipout. That makes things challenging, I 

What I'm not clear on is whether one needs all of the object numbers. 
For example, if one creates a link that breaks over a line, each object 
contains the full target data. So for doing e.g. tagging it seems to me 
that one doesn't need 'all the detail'


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