[tex-live] Updates to new TL installer GUI

Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Wed Nov 28 11:30:24 CET 2018

Le 28/11/18 à 10h50, Siep Kroonenberg a écrit :

>> In French, it is common to have longer sentences than the corresponding
>> English ones: will the windows sizes be adjusted to the translated
>> strings?
> Yes, it will even adjust on the fly. Picking e.g. another scheme,
> and the width of the window will probably change.

Indeed, nice.

> This is not necessarily true for list-like widgets,

Do you mean the A4/letter drop down lists?

> for which a width (and height) can be specified. Instead, I have made
> such widgets resizable.
>> Another point: I personally prefer the window I'm currently working on
>> to be maximzed in order to not be disturbed by other windows.
> I have to think about that.


>> Mmmmmhhhh, I'm not sure it is now clearer. The directory structure
>> displayed as a tree view would be less puzzling, but I'm must admit
>> I don't know whether Tcl allows it or not.
> The full path is displayed along the top. I could make it more
> prominent with some extra vertical space above and below.

I don't see what you mean.

> But 'toggle year' is maybe not the best phrasing. Add year/Omit year
> may be better, the button text switching appropriately.


Another remark: the different buttons can be reached (i.e. have focus)
with the TAB key but:

- the order is a bit strange,
- none of them is "clicked" when they have the focus and the RET key is
- when the drop down lists have the focus, nothing special is displayed
  (unlike the buttons which have a dotted box),
- when the checkboxes have the focus, a zero width dotted box is
  displayed at their right side.

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