[tex-live] Packaging biblatex-ext: blxextdoiapi.lua in wrong directory

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Nov 26 22:44:19 CET 2018

    Please move blxextdoiapi.lua from the doc directory into where it can be 
    found as a runtime file.

Thanks, done for tonight.

    Is there anything I as the package developer could do to avoid these 
    kind of confusions over the correct place for a file in the future 

1) Add a note in the README. But even more likely in this case, with an
already-extant package:

2) When adding a new runtime .lua (or other "nonstandard"-extension)
file to the package, include a note about it when you upload to CTAN.
The CTAN people are good about passing on such notes to Christan and me.

Thanks for all,

P.S. By "nonstandard" I mean that .sty, .cls, .?bx, code.tex, .ldf,
etc., etc., are all included in the runtime by default, so there is no
need to worry about them. (ref: $standardtex in tlpkg/libexe/ctan2tds.)

I can't install .lua by default because .lua files are often supposed to
end up in different places, e.g., for scripts, or just for doc building, etc.

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