[tex-live] PERL/TK installer

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Nov 26 20:03:47 CET 2018

Philip Taylor wrote:
> As the new TCL/TK installer doesn't expose TEXMFSYSVAR and 
> TEXMFSYSCONFIG locations, I used the original installer when trying to 
> install TeX Live from home and ran into the following problems (none 
> of which are related to TEXMFSYSVAR/TEXMFSYSCONFIG) —
> 1) I downloaded the full installation repository using Rsynch to 
> C:\TeX\Live\2018\Repository
> 2) I tried to install using install-tl-advanced.bat and was told 
> (paraphrase, not at home as I am composing this) "Inadequate 
> permissions" ...

Just replicated this in the office — the exact message is "Access is 
denied", then "Press any key to continue . . .".
Philip Taylor

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