[tex-live] New installer GUI

Michael Berger idest at online.de
Wed Nov 21 16:34:16 CET 2018

Good by Phil and happy return to your overwhelming smug complacency!

Michael (sorry,  I am just a stupid German)

On 11/21/18 2:53 PM, Philip Taylor wrote:
> Norbert Preining wrote:
>> And by the way - concer[n]ing foreign words - I am typing this in my text
>> mode mutt email client, and it contains
>> - deutsche Wörter mit Umlaute
>> - 日本語の単語
> Yes, but they were not italicised, as at least the first (German) should have been when embedded in what is primarily an English language text.
>> Footers in emails, since the inception of email, have been separated by
>> double dashes, as I do. Good email programs (not the one you use) strip
>> of[f] these signatures automatically.
> Completely pointless sending them, then — I rest my case.  Incidentally, as the author of "Janet_mailshr" (written in the mid-80's), I believe I may claim some small familiarity with e-mail protocols, but not (of course) with protocols that originate in Usenet news [1]
> "Have a good day, Norbert" :-)
> ** Phil.
> --------
> [1] https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3676#page-9

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