[tex-live] New installer GUI

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Nov 21 14:23:31 CET 2018

Dear Philip,

I recommend you to leave the TeX world and fully embrace Adobe or
Microsoft products, so that your enjoyment of flashyness, shininess,
and miles of mouse movements are not hindered by one of those
old-fashioned text mode stuff like TeX, mutt, or text emails.

And by the way - concering foreign words - I am typing this in my text
mode mutt email client, and it contains 
- deutsche Wörter mit Umlaute
- 日本語の単語
but if you want, I can send you Russian, Tibetan, Italian, Sanskrit,
whatever, nothing of this is tied to HTML.

Welcome to the new world of text processing - you might need some study

> One is also inclined to observe that cluttering up one's e-mail signature with pointless noise such as 
> > GPG: 0x860CDC13   fp: F7D8 A928 26E3 16A1 9FA0 ACF0 6CAC A448 860C DC13
> is not really an outstanding example of "good practice".

Footers in emails, since the inception of email, have been separated by
double dashes, as I do. Good email programs (not the one you use) strip
of these signatures automatically. But your ignorance of GPG and the
importance of encrypted communication is not surprising.



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