[tex-live] New installer GUI

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Nov 20 11:40:33 CET 2018

Dear Siep —

> I did not anticipate that anybody would want to mess with these.

With respect, not "mess with".  "Configure".  There is a considerable 
difference.  These have always been user-accessible configuration 
options, and I have been consistently exploiting this feature for at 
least a decade.  It would be really nice if the location of 
TEXMF(SYS)DIST were exposed in the same way, so that there could be just 
one TeXMF root.

> Of course, I should have anticipated that you would. So I have to
> decide whether that is a good enough reason to put it in, since
> there are alternatives, as Norbert explained.  I do not want to
> overload users with rarely-used options.

I fully accept that you may not wish to expend time implementing a 
feature that you do not anticipate others will use, and if you choose 
not to implement it I will, of course, accept your decision with good 
grace.  But I do not believe that you would be "overloading" users were 
you to offer the option to configure these locations — you would, I 
believe, simply be meeting their expectations that a new installer will 
offer at least the same options as the old one, if not more.

Philip Taylor

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