[tex-live] latex packages

Colin Baxter m43cap at yandex.com
Mon Nov 19 20:36:59 CET 2018

>>>>> == SABO, BRYTON C CTR USAF AFMC AEDC/TSD <bryton.sabo.ctr at us.af.mil> writes:

    ,> Hello there, Our red hat repository doesn't contain the following
    ,> packages for latex: Adjustbox Collectbox Ucs Tabu

    ,> Is there any way to get these four packages.

    ,> Thanks,

    ,> Cage Sabo Linux/Unix Systems Administrator 454-4438 Arnold AFB,
    ,> TN 37389

1. https://ctan.org/pkg/adjustbox
2. https://ctan.org/pkg/collectbox
3. https://ctan.org/pkg/ucs
4. https://ctan.org/pkg/tabu

Any good?

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